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Help with Critical Path (Forward & Backward Pass).

Hi. I need help with Critical Path (Forward & Backward Pass). I'm taking a CAPM course online and no matter how many videos I watch, I'm not grasping the technique. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
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Rita Mulchay's PMP Exam book and Andy Crowe's PMP exam book have examples for forward and backward pass calculation. You could refer them, maybe borrow them from library or someone and read thru the examples and practise chapter end questions to get a better understanding.

I took my PMP exam some days ago and I would recommend to check "Cert Prep: Project Management Professional (PMP)®" from Sandra Mitchell available online at In chapter 8 there are two video lessons about forward/backward pass and there are some exercise files in addition, which were of great help.

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You must read again the content of the course (Topics to be studied)

Uses the methods, protocols, processes and procedures of project management to study (study, planning and execution)

in each lesson:
uses a document storage folder (google drive)
save the transcription of the study material by lesson (google drive)
Study the material and videos (Immersion)
Use a Study Summary Sheet (study)
Use the EDT (planning)
break down the teaching of each lesson or video by parts (planning)
Use a Ideas Sheet or central themes and their content (Ejecusion)
already understanding the topics you are prepared for Critical Path (Forward & Backward Pass). (Ejecusion)

It has given me a lot of results, due to this procedure I have taken projects from my own studies.

Critical Path (Forward & Backward Pass)

Uses the methods, protocols, processes and procedures of project management to study (study, planning and execution)


Darlene -

You might find it easiest to construct a simple network diagram for a small personal project you are comfortable with (e.g. hosting a party) which has a couple of paths. Use Post-It notes for each activity.

This is a challenging concept to learn on your own if you've never used it before so good luck!


I refer Rita book is the best book for understanding all topics of project management!!!!!

Agree with Kiron & Tamer

Rita’s book explains this in details with examples. In general, forward passes are used to calculate Early Start & Early Finish Dates. Backward passes used to calculate late start amd finish and then you can calculate the float.

Forgot that manual calculation already ;-)

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