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Who is responsible for delivery in Agile?

In a traditional project management methodology the Project Manager is the ultimate responsible for the delivery of the project scope.
What is your experience with Agile projects? Who takes the responsibility if there is a failure?
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As per scrum guide, responsibility for failure is equally shared by Development Team, PO and Scrum master.
In reality, onus will be on PO.

Rajesh, that's what written in the book. I haven't seen (yet) a PO fired. The Development Team is pretty hard to be fired in block, especially if they are permanent staff.
What will be the next role on the line? :)

Agile or not, it is always the Scrum Master or Project Manager who will be responsible in real world.
1 reply by Gurudeva Balehannina
Oct 12, 2018 12:34 AM
Gurudeva Balehannina
Yes, Project Manager will be held responsible for both the success or failure of the project.

Other than in true product-centric organizations where the PO and SM roles fully absorb the work of a PM, the PM is still needed and will usually be the main point of delivery accountability.


Delivery = Product Owner, Scrum Master, and the Development Team.
Ownership = Product Owner & Scrum Master

In Agile, it is completely delivery responsibility of the Team. Product Owner owns it and Scrum Master facilitates.

Although I agree with Kiron's point of view, In my opinion, the Whole Team is responsible for the delivery and ownership too !

Agree with Kiron, you might have a PM and if it only is to have someone to blame for failures (which happens quite often that a scapegoat is established).
Otherwise, in agile, most responsibility and risk is shifted to business, and in person the PO. The PO obtains the funding, has to observe deadlines (both of which are constraints to team size and number of sprints) and is to blame if the scope does not deliver benefits.
The Scrummasters responsibilities are to make the team efficient, if the cause for failure is here, the Scrummaster is to blame.

@kiron, I agree with you. In a product centric organisation the PO is basically the Sponsor and the PM responsibilities can be covered by the PO and SM. In other kind of organisations, like Government there will always be a need for a PM that has the responsibility for delivery

@Pench. That's what the book says. Do you know any real situation when the whole Scrum Team (PO, SM, Dev) was fired on failure?
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