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Differences between Project Managers, Producers, and Production Managers?

I am exploring the differences between these roles as I move forward on my career in Animation. These roles tend to be used interchangeably in some organizations on the Animation, VFX, and Game industries.

What are your thoughts on these roles and its similarities?

Would you say a Production Manager or Producer is, in essence, a Project Manager with a show, movie, or game as a project?
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I worked a lot in TV, Movies, entertainment industries.My recommendation is: take an organization you think it deserves to be follow as the driver to things like project manager definition. Read and understand the definition of the role and take the definition of those roles not only in the industry mainly in the organization you are working for. Make the match and you will find the answer. Why I am saying that? Because as in other type of industries there is no way to answer your question. What inside an organization is a production manager or project manager differs on other organizations.

Marcelo: the terms producers and production managers are typically used in the film industry, while project manager is used without proximity to a certain industry. As Sergio said: in a specific organization it can be the same or different. So moving forward in your career you should not bother about the role's name - find out what you like to do!

Thank you, Sergio and Mirko. I have seen indeed that it will vary from organization to organization. People call me Production at my company all the time, even though there are certain differences in the job duties. It is just a role's name at the end of the day, I'm trying not to pay as much attention to position naming.

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