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Bandwidth Measuring Tool
Hi all- Is there a tool or system anyone would recommend to display each team member's current bandwidth that would allow management have a high-level view of when the team is or will be at maximum capacity?

I work in an environment where project managers are working with various accounts, each consisting of projects that vary in magnitude and complexity. We're trying to figure out a way to see when we need to start planning to hire additional help ahead of time.
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There are dozens of them from very simple, to very complex. At the simple end of the spectrum, the lead or manager works with the PM to determine what % of their time is spent on each project which gives current capacity, and some indication of whether that is expected to go up, down, or stay flat in the future. A sandpile chart does the same thing. Obeya boards can be used for this. Long range business plans do this on organizational levels. People can probably suggest lots of tools, however I've invented many simple ones many times over for whatever group I lead.
Depends on the size of the team and the level of granularity you want in tracking & reporting. On the simple end, an MS Excel workbook will do. For highly complex contexts, an enterprise people pool tool (standalone or part of an EPM/PPM solution) may be needed.


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