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Commercial Construction General Contractor QA/QC checklists
Hi everyone,

This is my first time here. I am creating my company's QA/QC plan and checklist. I am looking for a good QA/QC plan example to see what may be appropriate for the company. I am also looking to create a checklist for an active construction project to be completed in the field by superintendents on a weekly basis. I have begun but am unsure of the nature of what should go into this. Any help would be appreciated.
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Hi Colin,

I notice that your job title indicates that you are in Project Controls. QA/QC plan is a very specific document which should be created by your Quality manager. Unless, you have changed role, I suggest that you communicate with him/her to create this plan. You may be interested in the impact of this plan on project schedule and cost baseline.

Hope this helps.
The checklists need to be designed based on project scope and plans. However, you better google it.
You can do this!
My opinion is that you should contact the municipality overseeing (Inspecting) your Project and get their list of required Inspections for your type of Project--don't forget the list from the Fire Marshall for your Automatic Sprinkler System.
The IBC requires specific minimum Inspections, But the Local and State Laws will allow specified other Inspections ( maybe drywall screw inspection, but no window caulk Inspection).
Since the WORK cannot proceed without the approval of the local Inspector, these
Inspections should serve as your major guidelines for your Quality Execution Plan. I would consider many other (in-Progress) Inspection points for your Project. These will become self-evident to you as you think about the fulfillment of your weekly reports from the fiield.
Good Luck!
From the Trenches!

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