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what project managment tools do you use

I am looking for a bit of advise my company has create a Project Team about 2 years ago. I have been responsible for setting the team up in terms of processes we follow from documentation to the system we use. Currently we are locked in to use Marval as this we where primarily focused on IT project and this is the system they you for managing changes etc but its not really a project management tool. So for past day or two my manager has given me the task of looking in to what tool could assist us as we are now expanding in to all business projects. While do my research there are so many out there Basecamp, JIRA, Asana etc. I am looking for some recommendations as to what people out there in the same role are using and how it benefits them
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Hello Zara.

I am in the IOT/Smart Infrastructure industry and we use Wrike.

Azure Dev Ops, but still getting familiar with it.

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