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Digital Acceleration through a Global PMO
Aaron Smith Editor - | PMI| PMI Los Angeles, Ca, USA
McDonald's $155 million Digital Acceleration initiative was a PMI Project of the Year finalist:
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Aaron Smith Editor - | PMI| PMI Los Angeles, Ca, USA
In the article linked above, PMO leader Amy Martin says, "McDonald’s is a risk-averse organization. If you get a small thing wrong in 37,000 restaurants, you get a lot of noise. As much as this was a digital-transformation effort, there was also a culture shift to deploy solutions faster into the restaurants."
Aaron Smith Editor - | PMI| PMI Los Angeles, Ca, USA
After initial key targets were missed during early iterations of the platform, the team established a dedicated war room that implemented more aggressive testing. Developers applied root-cause analysis, identified tickets looking for commonality and rapidly mobilized teams to address reliability issues as they arose. This early intervention helped the team ensure smooth rollouts, Ms. Martin says.
Abolfazl Yousefi Darestani Manager, Quality and Continuous Improvement| Hörmann-TNR Industrial Doors Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Awesome. thanks
Stéphane Parent Self Employed / Semi-retired| Leader Maker Prince Edward Island, Canada
It seems McDonald's is focusing on one side of the spectrum: standardization and globalization. As Toyota would point out, you still need to include regionalization and localization in your strategy to be truly effective.
Troy Stauber Senior Program Manager| Builders FirstSource Parker, Co, USA
Would be interesting to know what features were being released over time; I can't quite get on board with a mobile app being partially released with 'some' features and not being fully baked especially an ordering app for the end user and doing that across multiple countries. I think a deeper dive into the project details would be a benefit to all.
Justin Fu Senior Systems Engineer| Parsons Bristow, Va, USA
Interesting points

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