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Project Management Institute Announces Acquisition...

Project Management Institute Announces Acquisition of Disciplined Agile

Wow. This was unexpected news. And some press release for a Saturday.

To be honest, still digesting and not sure my thoughts on this acquisition as of yet; what it means for the profession, for PMI, for Disciplined Agile. Would like to hear everyone else's thoughts or get a conversation going on the subject.
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LINK to announcement

Haven’t heard of it but I’m not surprised. Disciplined Agile offers common sense approach and can be a good bridge to merge new practices. You see that the next virtual conference of PMI is actually about agility. However the practical impacts of this I can’t predict.

I see a lot of comments on LinkedIn at the announcement post

Hi Andew,

thanks for pointing on that. Well, if you watch the "Straight talk with Sunil" Videos than this comes not that unexpected. They have announced possible acquisitions there and I would expect some more in the next future.

There is a lot moving at PMI currently and I would expect some more things like that in the next few months.

PMI wants to become fit for the next 50 years. ;)

Exciting times I guess.

If you are talking about DAD (Discipline Agile Delivery) then I can say I worked a lot with int including I worked directly with both creators. Because they have low profile the process was not "popular" but is the most efective process (by the way is not a method) to implement Agile in a independient way of the method you use. DAD enables organization implement agile in the way they have to be implemented: using systemic theory and because of that there is not reason after implementing it to fix mistakes trying to scale using things like SAFe, Scum@Scale or those things that when you read it you understand they are anti-agile. I think the best thing PMI can do is to integrate DAD to the estandards and forget about the work with Agile Alliance because the alliance is agile in software, not agile at strategy level. Please, I am not against the Agile Alliance, I am saying that they are software oriented which is razonable.

This floored me... I'm delighted as I've worked closely with Mark & Scott over a number of years, but it raises all kinds of questions such as what type of cross-pollination of content will happen between DA and PMBOK, certification alignment and so on.

I would love to see the pragmatism of DA get blended into the PMBOK Guide. Where they started with tailoring guidance in the Sixth Edition presents a great opportunity to incorporate DA's "Choose your WOW" approach.


Pleasant news in my opinion, and I expect similar ones to come.

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