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Transitioning into a PM from healthcare/events sectors
Hi All,

I am currently pursuing my second master's, MBA in Project Management from LSU Shreveport along with Six Sigma and PMP certifications. I hope to have received all of the above by next Fall (2020).

I have experience previously as a PM for the ADA but i have always been the 'event manager' at all other positions including hotels, nonprofit, state government and healthcare. I currently coordinate the 3rd largest residency program in the country so have served as a 'program manager' as well.

I have enjoyed managing events but i feel i need to make a transition into a specific sector as opposed to just saying i'm a PMP who does events.

My question, what sort of tips would you make for anyone attempting to transition into a PM role from the event /healthcare/ government sector? How did you find companies who offered such positions? Any advice?


Allen Alongi
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Hi Allen,
Kiron's article in this link may be of benefit:
Hi Paul,

Thanks. I actually read it and took away some great advice. Only thing missing is how to find companies within my specified sector. I would love to take my current experience into my first PM job although i realize that depends on what's available in the geographical areas (mainly Louisiana and Mississippi for now).

I am more than happy to transition into different sectors so i suppose i should start peaking at other interesting sectors too. I am excited for the transition so wanted to start being proactive when it comes time for the job hunt.
You may take a position as PMO coordinator, which involves activities as Develop Project Management Processes, structures, templates, and coordinate and control all projects in a department or enterprise.
Hi Allen,
Noted....Here below is another great read by Micheal Wood....The take away for me in this one is to consider taking a volunteering role.
I find a lot of overlap in the PM role between various sectors. The end product may be different, but many of the methods and processes to get to the goals are similar, or the challenges are less related to the core subject matter, but more due to administrative, process, or organizational challenges.

For example, I have some experience with large event planning from organizing very large multi-day design reviews. To do that, I adopted methods I learned from Systems Engineering for managing the many interfaces of complex systems to scheduling who all needs be in the room during different parts of the reviews. I’ve managed IT projects where I understood the back-office processes that will employ the software, not anything about the coding. I’ve successfully led classroom training development, not due to my knowledge of teaching, but because it required keeping many different plans synchronized to have the materials and instructors ready by the time the students show up.

Similarly, when I was working on my MS in Systems Engineering, the Health Care industry came up very frequently despite most people associating “systems” with either IT, or electro-mechanical systems. Many of the challenges involve the flow of information, rather than human anatomy.
Wow, thank you all.

Keith, that may have been the best explanation i could've asked for. I was a bit nervous, even with my qualifications, that i may be a fish out of water as i transition from my current position. I think i need to start pinpointing where my expertise may be more relevant however, i will expand my search parameters to include other industries i find interesting.

On a different note - I currently have a six sigma green belt but if anyone else has some other certs the recommend for new PMs - besides PMP - i would be happy to hear!

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