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Other names for a PMO
Anyone have any ideas for other names of a PMO? We are trying to communicate the value of project OUTCOMES rather than projects themselves. Our leadership also feels the term 'office' is stiff and not really reflecting what our group is doing. This 'PMO' will have a variety of different roles including project managers, scrum masters, operational/process efficiency roles, and research/end user enablement roles. So far, 'Outcomes Management Office' has been suggested but I want to come up with some alternatives.
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I have only been a part of the titled PMO group, but what about "Project Management Leadership" or "Project Management Development"?
I am not really in favour of the suggested name Outcome Management Office as it might also not reflect t the reality. Maybe Organizational Management Office.

By the way, PMO can refer to Project, Program or Portfolio Offices.
The client I currently support rebranded their EPMO as an Enterprise Project Delivery Excellence department. You might also think of Benefits Realization Office as an alternative...

Maybe something along the lines of Value-Stream Optimization Group/Team/Practitioners

Or how about Strategic Outcomes Alignment Practitioners/Party - SOAP....cleanse the organization :)
OMO would seem like a good fit.
1 reply by Kiron Bondale
Sep 07, 2019 10:33 AM
Kiron Bondale
As long as it is not Outcomes Management Group (OMG) :-)
Sep 07, 2019 1:01 AM
Replying to Keith Novak
OMO would seem like a good fit.
As long as it is not Outcomes Management Group (OMG) :-)
My management banned me from ever naming anything again, as I had put so many acronyms into the corporate lexicon that it made their heads spin. However, that won’t stop me from putting my two cents in here. Interpreting your question from a life-cycle point of view, it would appear to me that you are trying to communicate aspects of the following: Strategy / Strategic, Alignment, Monitoring, Delivery, Results / Outcomes. It also appears that you are looking for something unique to fit your corporate culture.

I see that you work for a cybersecurity based organization named “Rapid7”. Recognizing your managements dislike for the word “office”, they may appreciate a different organizational word that portrays reference to “security” and “rapid” since that appears to be part of your brand. With that said, the word “Taskforce” could be a reasonable replacement.

So, from my normal over-thinking of a simple question I came up with:
- (S)trategy (M)onitoring and (R)esults (T)askforce

Okay, so SMaRT is an overused acronym, but it might work. I thought of a few more, but I’m late for my OTA meeting (over-thinkers anonymous) - so got to run.
Lately some organizations are moving to Value Delivery Office, instead of PMO. Changed the name however same role and responsibility, only a try "to be more agile"
I feel the real problem is with the word " office" in PMO. Even here when I applied it sounds like we are creating an office within our office. So I would rather suggest to change only the word" office" hence you can call it Program/ Project Management Task force, or Monitoring & Controlling Team, Section, Division, Wing Or Branch.
I liked the name SIT (Strategy Implementation Team)
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