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Do you usually use the PMP lapel pin?
When we made PMP certification we received a pin.
Do you usually use the PMP lapel pin?
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Hi Luis, though the question is very relevant but my answer is yes and no. It depends where I am going to and whom I am meeting with, then I take a call to wear the badge or not.
Yes, yes I do. I feel that it serves as a badge of honor and achievement for those who have went the length to have proven they have the knowledge within Project Management. As we all know and have encountered, there are many PM's out there that are active PM's through there usual vocation, however have not been certified. If you dive deep their is usually some area lacking in comparison to those certified through PMI. The Lapel pin shows that the individual wearing it is well versed and rounded in Project Management methodologies.

Furthermore, when interviewing for employment it is confirmation of your knowledge base and in those positions where certification is not a requirement, sets you apart from those who are not certified and lets the interviewer know that your Project Management knowledge is well founded.
It depends on the events. I use it only for PMI Events or events related to Project Management.
Frankly saying, I have never used it and right now i even don't remember where i kept it.
My opinion is that PMI should reward the successful PMPs with some kind of shield instead of pin, so that can be kept on display in our offices or workplaces.
I have two of them - one with the old (pre-2005?) logo and another with the new one. I use them at any PM oriented event similar to Rami and have worn it in the past when interviewing for PM-type roles.
Like Asif, have not had the opportunity to wear, nor do I know where it is actually.
It only use on official, project meetings etc.
I'm trying to have the PMP Lapel pin.
I don't recall ever receiving a pin, and I got my PMP in 2008. Now I'm curious what it looks like.
Dear Eric
You can see the pin at the link:
3 replies by Eric Simms, Pasha Said Mohamed, and Vincent Guerard
Sep 12, 2019 12:16 PM
Eric Simms
Thanks, Luis.
Sep 12, 2019 7:31 PM
Vincent Guerard
New pin looks good, think I will get one
Apr 26, 2020 8:51 PM
Pasha Said Mohamed
Dear Luis

The link above did not work. I tried to google and even search for it on PMI site but no luck. Can you please help me? Thanks in advance.

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