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Experience verification form for PMP certification ?

I am strongly interested in the PMP certification and I was looking a the experience verification form, I have to separate what I have done in the 5 process groups (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring&controlling, closing).

I have a master of sciences (Msc) diploma and 6 years of work experience.
In my work experience I have had 3 years with a "senior analyst" job title. During these 3 years as "senior analyst", I have always been involved on projects. And now I have a "project manager" job title since 1,5 year.
Can I apply for the PMP ? (can I specify that consider some of my experience with my "senior analyst" job title, given that I have worked for projects)

Thanks for your help, Christelle
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Hi Christelle,
IMHO the job title not necessary implies that you did not work in project management activities.
In PMP Credential Handbook is explained that you have to had worked on project management tasks. Moreover you have "However, on a
single project, you do not need to have experience in all five process groups."

So I think that you could apply for.

Hi Daniele,

Thank you for your reply.

Make sense, it really depends on the content, not the title.
Just to elaborate on my 3 year experience as "senior analyst": I was working on projects (real project, not on support) as a developer, strictly speaking I had no project management role.
The thing is that I was working in an company strengthening a lot on good project management practices (one of them was to get CMMI certification), and as a developer my main tasks was developing the application. But I have done various other project related tasks: have also written documents like functional specifications, technical specifications, done estimation (for the project manager), attending following meetings, report on the progress to the project manager, checking testing results with the client.

Do you think I can add this within the 5 process groups ? which ? and how much time ?

To summarize, I don't see how to consider this 3 year period towards the PMP experience verification: I have always worked in project mode in an organization focusing a lot on project cycle best practices and even so I had no real project management role, I have done and seen all the project life cycle activities and actively taken part to them.

thanks for your help, Christelle

You shouldn't be focused on the (5) process groups. You should focus in on the breakdown that is needed within those groups.

The work you performed on functional specs may align with "Define the scope of the project based on the organization need to meet the customer project expectations." in the Initiating Process.

If you haven't already, look at the PMP Credential Handbook available on the PMI website. It has all of the specific categories you can put your time against within the 5 process groups.

I hope this helps.
Dear Christelle,
I also think that your experiences and practies on (for example) estimating had as team member, and not as PM.

Just an example. You, as business analyst, made "estimating for the project manager"; ok...but your PM request for estimating to you (and many others stakeholder... technical analyst, tester, ecc ecc), calculate continengy basing on risks, coordinate the process to gather estimation, ecc ecc.). I think you should to refers on other pm actvities.


Thanks for your replies, so I will see how much of my 3 year experience as "senior developer" can be considered as PM experience for the PMP.

From this 3 year experience as "senior developer", taking 1,5 year experience for the PMP would be great.
Adding it to my 1,5 year experience as "project manager", would give me the 3 year experience requirements for passing the PMP exam.


I have a site with a template in Excel that will automate the calculations of your work experiences that many found useful and break it out in process and KB areas automatically. I built it as I was getting struggling to do it manually. Here's the link:

I think it will help with gauging your work experiences. In addition, I think if you worked on a project in some capacity even if you were not officially the "Project Manager" it will count toward your work experience.

Good luck.

-Don Kim
[OT] Hi Christelle,
I would like invite you visiting

My personal thinking during pmp exam studies.

Is there a specific Experience Verification Form located on the PMI site if so I cannot seem to locate it.

Thanks for the assistance
I am looking for a Experience Verification Form to be completed by a previous manager of mine. This is needed because I have been randomly selected for an audit. This document cannot be found on the PMI site. So if anyone has been audited before, what did you use as the Experience Verification Form? Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

Keith Harris
I'm also looking for experience verification form. Appreciate if someone can guide where can I get it.

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