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Building information modeling- BIM- the best way to manage your project.
Hi Professionals,
I am Ayman kandeel, certified professional BIM specialist, we want to discuss about the advantages of implementing BIM in projects and how i t can save cost and time and provide better quality. any previous experience will be shared will be good way for discussion. thanks
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When I used to work overseas and specifically in Qatar, we used BIM on our projects. Now in Canada, we use REVIT which is the same.

BIM does certainly save lots of cost and time in projects and provide better quality because most of the clashes and discrepancies are discovered beforehand which results in a huge reduction in change orders, design changes and technicals queries.

Dear Ayman
Interesting your question

Thanks for sharing

As a BIM specialist, do you want to share with us the main advantages of using it?

great questions and topic. For me BIM is an example of a highly capable configuration management system for any project. It provides a digital twin of the product the project is going to produce, which is useful during the project and during operations phases in the product lifecycle.

Other industries like automotive are using digital systems too, but their concept is not as complete as BIM.
I have been in projects where we have used various solutions.

In one case it was a model share by various organizations, it was mainly a positive impact. Since the model was A few glitches some attributed to serious changes in the civil and structure parts.

In another case, a big and complex project, the model was broken down in many separated models. Mostly positive, but feature such has clashes detection was not activated.

In a project with tight space, it was used to confirm visually that people could go around in all places, with some animation.
It looks like an out-of-the-box set of Model Based Systems Engineering tools.

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