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Could someone help with a RAID log template ?
Looking for a standard RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Issues & Dependencies) Log for use on my projects. As of now, I am using self- fabricated template. Please help with a standard one.
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Srinivas -

you can check the templates section of this community, but I'd suggest that would just give you a starting point. You need to check with your key stakeholders as to what information they are interested in, and the context of your project would also influence the depth and breadth of data you'd want to track across these areas.

Like, Kiron, mentioned, take a few moments to review the available templates here in the Templates section.

Additionally, peruse the web. There are lots of ideas out there. And from those, you can create your own.

With something in hand, be sure to elicit feedback from your stakeholders. Ensure what you have is providing the information they're looking for.

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