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PMI Volunteer Opportunities Abroad
Have been on the lookout for ways to volunteer in my local PMI Chapter but perhaps due to the COVID-19 situation, opportunities are rather thin. Just wondering if there's any scope for one to volunteer for PMI Chapters in other locations abroad which I am not a member of?
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think there are Chapters who seek for volunteers who can do jobs remotely, and if they don't why not ask them? You could create a newsletter or maintain social media easily from home, whereever that is.

Secondly, if your local Chapter does not offer something, maybe you can propose to create a new area of volunteering. How about PMIEF liaison, support with ethical questions, support of UN SDGs, help for Corona induced hardships?

And thirdly, there are global volunteer roles published over the year, set an alert and see if you want to join one of the global groups. Some of these global roles allow that you can still volunteer locally.
Jonathan -

You can search for such opportunities in PMI's VRMS ( - I've volunteered for a number of global HQ projects in this manner.

As kiron indicated there are opportunities available on vrms portal. You can check based on youe knowledge and feasibility.
Hi Jonathan,

I'm not sure if this will interest you, but I saw a Call for Volunteers post on for a blog and webinar coordinator. The deadline is tomorrow!

I'm posting here just in case you're interested:
Cool - thanks everyone for the input!

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