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duplication while documenting assumptions ?
Scope baseline has WBS, deliverable, constraints and assumptions (PN 224 PMBOK 6th Edition),
We have assumptions in assumptions log too, isn't adding assumptions in Scope baseline makes this duplicate ?
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Assumptions log is the tools you could use to monitoring assumptions stated into scope statement.
Good question.

As Sergio says and PMBoK explains on PN 155, assumptions made during defining scope are updated in the assumption log. There might be assumptions made during other processes, e.g. about resources, funding, timelines etc., also in the assumption log. It is therefor good to have a separate log.

From PMBoK table 5-1 I would not duplicate the documentation of assumptions in the scope statement, but maybe label the assumptions as being a (logical) part of the scope statement.

Does it make sense, Pravin?
I agree with Thomas.
Pravin -

The PMBOK Guide does not specify whether this information is in one , two or multiple documents. That is left up to each team to decide.

So, you could have a centralized assumptions log with either a field referencing the context of the assumption or links to other documents such as the scope baseline.

I just reference the assumptions log file in the project management plan. We have Office 365 so I just paste the OneDrive link with access granted to relevant stakeholders.

Hope this helps,
Assumptions are base documents while preparing the scope base line. which will be dynamic documents whenever updates are carried out in Assumptions logs

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