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Apply for PMP exam in 2020 and take the Exam after the change in 2021
If one applies for PMP Exam now (6th Edition), will he/she be able to write the new exam in 2021 after the change take place?

Note that that exam application is valid for 1 year.
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Yes - you are not applying for a specific version of the exam (BTW, there's no '6th Edition' exam - the new exam is also referencing the 6th Edition of the Guide). It just comes down to when you schedule the exam with Pearson Vue - if it is after the new year, it will be the new exam.

Thanks Kiron for your feedback.

The exam content outline for the present exam is different from what will be used from January 2, 2021.

For PMP exam, i understand that one must have been trained based on the current edition of PMBOK and exam outline to successfully register. E.g you cannot take a training based on PMBOK 3rd Edition and apply for an exam in 2020.

Seeing the new outline has a different outlook and structure... I believe the application process will differ also to capture the new additions.

So are you saying that this wouldn't play out if you apple now and take the exam much later? (within your 1 year validity)
Michael -

The application form/app for the exam remains the same - what you would study and the prep courses you might take will be different to address the shift to 50% hybrid & agile content.


I agree with Kiron. The application is general, the exam will change.

Hi Mike,
How na bros?
In effect the exam changes in 2021 but the PM core doesn't change... just out on your PM hat when preparing, you'll make.... wishing you the best

As the others have said, the exam application is the same but the exam content changes to reflect the changes in the PM practice which is captured with each edition of the PMBOK

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