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Best PMP Certification Prep
Hello everyone, I am looking into getting my PMP certification. However, I am overwhelmed by the options that are available in terms of getting my PDU hours. I am considering taking eCornell PMP course, but it is close $4,000. Before I make the splurge, is there any other prep courses that you would recommend to get me ready for the PMP test?
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Become a PMI paid member so you get a free digital copy of the handbook. Buy an online 35 hour course for a couple hundred. I got a deal on udemy for $25 last month. Pay for some flashcard apps on your phone full of questions $12 & $40 for the two I bought. Grand total less than $400 and I taught myself. Pay attention to the fact the test changes on January 2nd. I would wait a couple months so people get a feel for the new exam layout since the whole foundation of the exam is changing.
great information provided by Corey Cox, I will add i get a full package, notes, presentations, videos, about 1000 questions, and many more with $100 from iZenbridge.
Hi Katia,
Your need and environment may trigger your preference for a particular certification prep... Just make it is an effective one and that you're comfortable with it

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