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an issue that occurred several weeks ago
A project manager realizes that an issue that occurred several weeks ago has negatively impacted the schedule. when the mitigation plan is initiated, it fails because the required resources are now unavailable. what should the project manager done to avoid this?
A. conducted stand-up meetings to communicate project status
B. Sent out status reports to stakeholders
C. reviewed and updated the risk mitigation plan
D. updated the resource management pan.
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Hi Amany,
what should the project manager done to avoid this or these...
There is a schedule issue here and a resource deficiency
Amany -

This is a poorly written question. A mitigation plan is something you would implement to reduce the probability and/or impact of a negative risk being realized. In this case, the risk has been realized, so it would no longer be a mitigation plan but rather a contingency plan.

Out of the choices provided, the most likely answer is "C", but again, I would have reworded that to be risk response plan to be a little more general.

The answer is C. The mitigation plan was already out of date when the risk was realized.

To avoid the risk of having an out of date mitigation plan, the plan should be regularly be reviewed and updated.
The Risk Management Plan failed on a coupe of levels here. Apparently the Plan identified the risk event and provided for mitigation should it occur. However the Plan did not have a process to recognize the risk event when (if) it occurred and the mitigating measure did not address the resource requirements. What makes you think the the resources would have been available several weeks earlier had the need been recognized? If the risk event was to occur several weeks later (the present) what makes you think the resources would be available?

The Plan needs to be updated to:
1) establish a process to recognize risk event when they occur
2) make sure the mitigating measures are available when the risk event is identified as occurring, and
3) update the occurring risk as an issue and record the response (or lack thereof) with resulting project impact.

Question: does the Plan say "place on shelf and ignore" or is there a review and update requirement built-in?
C- Because,
most of the time while recording any issue , we do analysis on its impact and the risk(s) being perceived due to that particular issue.

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