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Did Project Manager require join in Early stage and Design Stage
As we know, all country have a different way and styles to managing the projects. So what im concerned about is did the PM needs to know each part of technical experties or 50% technically knowledge in every experties, if not how to estimate planning, costing and etc. Sometimes get bluff and charge more higher than others due to not know about it and depending to site engineer, m&e & architecture coordinator to look into it. Unfortunately, all of them still new and get no knowledge as required. So if involving in early stage and design stage will make PM atleast know the methods.
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As Project Manager your job is the manage the project not the work. Yes, it helps to understand the technical side of the initiative but if you get bogged down in the details the project will suffer. Trust your Subject Matter Experts, don't impose your solutions to their challenges. Explain the project requirements, constraints and limitations and get then to commit on effort and delivery.

"Management is the coordination and administration of tasks to achieve a goal". Management is NOT doing the work yourself.

As a Project Manager, you need to have enough technical experience to manage the job, make sense of estimates, change orders, plans, Risks.

Is not a matter of country. Is a matter of company style and maturity about project manager. Somebody that has knolwedge about project management must be included before a project exists when some document, call it business case, is creating to approve the project. That person could be or not could be the assigned project manager to the project if the project is approved. The key thing is to understand that the company is creating a solution for business problem where solution is equal to "the thing" to be created plus "the process" to create it. In the second component somebody that has knowledge about project management must intervene from the beginning. If not, the company will fail.
Domain knowledge is a pre-requisite for effective Project Management. So, the answer to your questions is Yes, a PM should have knowledge and technical expertise. It not only helps in term of estimation, it also helps him guide the Customer or the Project Team at critical junctures. However, I do not believe that the PM should be an "expert" in all technical aspects, since his job is managing the work, not doing/executing the work.
Agreed on your statement @Pinaki Banerjee " I do not believe that the PM should be an "expert" in all technical aspects".
PM without Technical knowledge is "Like a Captain of a ship Sailing without a direction and not knowing which direction to go". Just my own opinion and has nothing to do with any party.

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