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Looking for one slide template to present status report
I have one project which has more than 13 development streams which are linked to one business product.

We have planned monthly sync up meeting where each stream's PM/Architect will present their project status to all stakeholders so everybody in an organization knows where each development stream is moving and all are on the same page.

As we may have 10+ streams, I am looking for one Powerpoint slide template which can contain, overall goal, issues/risks, mitigation plan, previous month activities, next month planned tasks, project health status - red/green/amber for schedule, resources, etc.

I found one below. It looks good. Can you share any template if it already exists and better than that this?
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Take a look at the One Page Project Manager, or Hoshin Kanri X matrix - they're basically the same thing.

Are they better? That is subjective, but if your leadership is not used to seeing data in this format, it may take a little effort.
I created this one years ago, I change it a lot depending on the project, workstreams and added more nice colors, however maybe it give you an idea how to put all the info in one slide.
I've seen dozens of one page status charts. People have wide ranging opinions on which is better. There is a balance between how thorough the chart needs to be, vs. intelligibility. When people want to keep adding more and more fields, the information in each becomes more and more compressed which can raise other questions.

If a 4-square becomes a 9-square, chances are you need more than one page or the content of each section loses value.
Chetan -

Don't let the tool drive the decision. Have you met with the folks who will be consuming this information to confirm what their needs and wants are? If not, I'd start there and then search for a template which contains ONLY that information. Present it to them and use their feedback to fine tune it.

Remember it is always easier to add content to a report at a later date than it is to take information away from stakeholders, even if they aren't actually using it!

A static page isn't necessarily the best way to present status information. A project dashboard or even a wiki has the advantage of always being up-to-date and a dashboard also means that each individual can choose what information they want to see.
I agree, you have to seek their feedback and cater to your audience. I could give you the best tool in the world, but if you customers hate it, is really not the best tool. Work with your customers, understand their preferences, and then build the tool with the key information.

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