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Project Governance Models/Best Practices
Hello. I am in search of suggestions or recommendations for resources (videos, articles, SME's) that can help me plan and deploy a project governance structure for a large/enterprise wide project that spans across a lot of functional areas. I am an experienced PMP certified PM, and confident in my ability to deliver a functional and logical structure. However, I am also aware that there is a lot to Project Governance Structures that I am not familiar with. So I am viewing this as an opportunity to grow as a professional, and push myself to learn something new! Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from this community!
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governance is indeed a breaking point. You say you are looking for it for a 'large project'. In my experience large projects can often and better been seen as programs. The PMI program management standard includes a comprehensive domain on governance, which may help you.

The PMI governance practice guide is comprehensive but a bit too theoretical.

Governance internal to a project/program is up to the leader, and it should be designed to put stakeholders in their right places and distribute power and information to enhance success.
Governance external to the project/program is mostly set by the organization, but the best run projects nevertheless define their own governance also externally.

I gave a pitch to the PMI Rochester Chapter on governance, maybe you find some of it useful.

I was in charge to do that from long time ago in different organizations including my actual work place. What worked for me is to think all related to project management based on architecture where governance is a layer. Is like to create something with Lego breaks. In my actual work place we use a stage-gate based process and we use it no matter the approach (agile, lean, etc) and no matter the life cycle (iterative, incremental, waterfall, etc). The idea is to align all we deliver with the organizational strategy because for us a project is just the mean to create a solution. Out focus is solutions, no projects.
Nathan -

Governance, like all else in PM, is context-specific. I'd start by looking at your company's policies & standards as far as project delivery and finance goes, and then work with key stakeholders and your team to find the right balance between control objectives and delivery flexibility.


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