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How do I find beta testers for an agile product management tool?
We're about to launch a new module to our product and plan on making the beta version available to gather feedback from users. A part of our user base will probably find the new tool useful, but there might be users who don't need it. How do I find beta testers that would be willing try and give feedback on the tool?
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Each company is different in their communication plan, but I would typically try to bring that into a forum where you have good management participation. They should have a better view of both who might find it useful, as well as whether introducing it would be at a time when they can't afford the disruption.

Those are good activities when you have some time to experiment without a bunch of pressure added to people's current workloads. Getting groups to offer up volunteers is always better than a hostile user group who didn't want to participate.
beta testing can vary according to the product, but the main motive of beta testing remains to create a product that meets customer expectations and provides a great user experience.
I suggest you initiate a shot survey for your excisting customers and ask if they'd like to participate and then plan accordingly and include on top of that new potential clients / future users so you can expand the testing and feedback.
Mercedesz -

Given how crowded this particular product market is, you could use a teaser/trailer-based campaign to generate interest in participating based on sneak peeks of how your product addresses the common gaps with other tools.

Have you considered showing this application in this community? There are a big quantity of Project Managers that would like to try new tools and give comments about issues and strengths they found, to help you gather feedback.
Keith and Kiron made good points.

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