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Has anyone found an earned value project status tool that sits on top of (syncs with) ClickUp?
This is a question about project status reporting software that sits on top of (pulls data from) common task management software.

ClickUp (and Monday, and Wrike) are fine as task management tools, but I need to view the data they hold in terms of EV, CPI, SPI, etc., trended over time. They don't seem to have built in dashboards for that purpose; they only aggregate task data...which is project management lite.

There are several earned value management tools out there, but I'm looking for one that doesn't require manual exports from the task management tool into the EVM tool. Earned Value App is good but only for cost metrics (CV, EAC, etc.); it doesn't have SV and SPI.

Has anyone ever found an EVM and schedule performance tool that automatically syncs with ClickUp (or Monday or Wrike)?
Please refer to my post regarding EVA. Asset-centric, weight factor-based progress calculations yield the most accurate way for EVA in near real-time. It has been successfully applied for a recent megaproject in the oil & gas sector with 3000 work packages and a few hundred thousand activities.

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