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PMP Certification - Training material & Book??
I am an Analyst by profession. I am thinking of PMP certification. Could you recommend me the training material and book to pass PMP?
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I recommend Rita Mulcahy's certification prep, it's a good option to start acquiring PM Knowledge, and always updated to the latest exam. Visit this link:
Hi Maninder,

Please go through various past discussion threads on this forum and you will find a lot of useful information on the training materials, courses and books.

Personally, I would recommend the below:
- PMBOK 6th edition and 7th edition
- Agile Practice Guide
- Rita Mulcahy's 10th ediiton
- Joseph Phillip's Udemy courses

Good Luck with your preparation.

I have Rita Mulcahy's 9th edition. Does anyone if it is significantly different from 10th edition, if at all?
You might want to check out PMI Study Hall.

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