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If your company is thriving using the Agile methodology, what project management system are you using?
I am looking for a unified project management system that is highly robust in covering all aspects of the Agile practice and methodology. My organization is currently using Wrike and it feels like a hyped up experience of excel and not meeting the needs of the growth we are experiencing in the Agile practice. Overall, the software would be used company wide for other project tracking, request forms etc.
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Candace -

As there is no "single" agile methodology but rather infinite variations based on a company or team's adoption of adaptive approaches, you'd need to treat this like any other type of automation project where you identify your standard processes/practices and reporting requirements and then let that drive out the product choices which fit.

There are many agile tooling suites out there but make sure you don't put the tool in front of the process.

I've usually found its better to get a team working in an agile manner with NO tools first and then move them over to a given tool suite otherwise the tool tends to drive their behavior and you are limited by the tool's constraints.

We are using MS Azure Devops.
To paraphrase Kiron, the team retrospectives should drive the needs and solutions.
Infinite variations based on a company or team's adoption of adaptive approaches, have to be standardized for more applications.
We utilize ServiceNow for our projects. It isn't about the tool as much as the process. You just need to be able to manage the stories. Build a backlog, set priorities, build iterations (sprints), manage the states of the stories, etc. You could easily do it with sticky notes if you so desire.
Jira and I hate it :)

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