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Eligible Books for PDUs
I've seen variations of this question in the discussions, but thought I would create a new discussion that could potentially have a simpler answer. So, for earning PDUs from reading a book, would it be safe to assume any books currently listed on the PMI bookstore ( are sufficient books to earn PDUs?
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Brittany -

I'd go even beyond PMI's book store to say any book which addresses one or more of the legs of PMI's Talent Triangle would be eligible. The key is to have evidence that you read it and support for the hours spent doing so - notes or a journal are good for this...


I agree with Kiron. As long as the book related to project management then you can claim those PDU's against reading or self-learning.

I do agree with Kiron and Rami.
Thank you! This is very helpful information.
I'd go even further that Kiron. You can claim the portion of the book that is relevant to project management. For example, I recently finished A Passion for Excellence by Tom Peters and Nancy Austin. Even though it is 40 years old, it's chockful of project management and--gasp!--agile approaches. I have no qualms in applying a portion of the book towards my certification PDUs.

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