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PMI Code of Ethics Principle: Responsibility (accountability)
Throughout my life experience in the professional and personal fields, I have noticed that a high percentage of people tend to blame other people, the government, time, country, employment, managers for what happens to them or for their results.

Do you consider that Project Managers are different from the vast majority of people?
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I would disagree, Luis, that the percentage is high. At least, not in Canada. There is always a small minority of people who feel entitled but, yet, not accountable. While this minority cuts across all demographics, there does seem to be fewer of them in the knowledge industry.
Well, I have a similar experience, Luis, I see people looking for someone to blame if something unfortunate happens (who did this?). I don't, but I developed that habit in order to solve a problem not to find someone to blame.

Our whole legislation is made up to punish people or make them pay for something.

Responsibility as a value is an emotion we share with most humans. It is not to blame ourselves but to understand that if we impacted others we want to repair it, even just by saying sorry and acknowledging our doing. Sometimes acts are beneficial for some and have dis-benefits for others. Our empathy moves us to smooth those we damaged, cheer those we benefited and stay humble.
If we promise something we want to regarded as dependable as it creates trust and we feel bad if we are not trusted.

No, they probably do not.
Anyway, they should be a role model for their team members.

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"Life is what happens to us while we're making other plans."

- John Lennon