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Depends on multiple variables.
Choosing the right tool can be very difficult. Your organization as a whole may be resistant to change or there may be a lot of moving pieces.
Who is going to use it? What do you want to do with it (WBS, Gantt, Kanban or Scrum boards, integration with other systems, portfolio management, resource management, reporting/dashboards, etc.) and how much are you okay with configuring vs using it out of the box?

For example, I've used MS Project for years, and have rarely had any stakeholder who wasn't also a project manager show interest in seeing the information in MS Project. I'm playing with Project Libre to see if it will work as a replacement for how I use MS Project, to avoid costs, since we're already paying for ClickUp, for work management and dashboards. I like ClickUp, but it gets cluttered if you try to manage milestones and work on the same board - a common problem with the several board-based tools I've used.

When given the option, I'll use MS Project for milestone reports and timelines (pasted into another app for presenting it), although I prefer Visio for more complex roadmaps. I've also worked at a company where everything was forced into PowerPoint and Excel because that's what everyone else in the company used.

Be prepared to use different, or a combination of, tools and/or views for planning, monitoring & controlling, and presenting your project schedule, largely influenced by your audience.
Twenty years ago by PM software people understood the programs that can create project models and calculate project schedules taking into account existing constraints.
Today this term also includes the tools for project team collaboration.
The best PM software is the tool that fits to your special requirements and these requirements can be different for other people and companies.
Create the list of your expectations and it will help to compare the tools and select one that is best for your needs.
It depends.
MSP, Primavera, Smartsheet,
It depends of the project management approach.
For example, for cascade projects, you can use MS Project.
For hybrid projects, a good option is Planview.
For agile/adaptative projects, Trello or Jira are the best choices.
Also, for agile approach, there is a newfangled project monitoring solution that combines agile with global indicators. Every team member can be included in a Trello dashboard, to update the state of his respective tasks. Then, the information is translated into a global indicators panel, that can be shared with management supervisors. To get more information about this solution, visit this site:
Also contact them at [email protected]

many organizations use a bunch of SW solutions, born out of legacy, closing perceived gaps and also trying out new things (which is easy if you have free versions available). While many also once looked at the one solution, I know of few who have found it. And then requirements move on anyhow...

Veronica gave a good overview, if you search for PM SW or PPM you will literally find 1000s. The best solution for you is bespoke.

And interesting she mentioned teleworking monitoring (thanks for sharing), these kind of tools supporting team building are gaining ground too and are not yet integrated, another one is perflo.

Good luck with your journey

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