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Topics: Education, Using PMI Standards
Teaching Project Management in Higher Ed (Universities and Colleges)
I teach project management as part of a baccalaureate program and would like to hear from other academics who do the same. I'm familiar with PMI GAC and the teaching resources on PMI, but I'm looking for other higher education faculty who currently teach project management at the undergraduate and graduate levels. I'd like to join or start a "think tank" for teaching and scholarship in project management and project studies. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
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This is an excellent idea as it would foster greater learning and develop better practices for project management educators. Unfortunately, I am only a student and not an educator so I would be unable to provide any real assistance. Have you considered pitching this idea at your local chapter? Your think tank idea can spread very far if sufficient work is put in towards it.
Juanita -

Sounds like a great idea. Unfortunately, I teach PM to practitioners outside the university system, although a set of our courses form University of Waterloo's PM professional development certificate.


I agree - This is a great idea but like Kiron, I provide guidance to practitioners outisde the university system.

Brilliant idea here.. hope you get to connect to the right persons
Hello Juanita
Do you know about PMI Educational Foundation? PMIef has the mission of helping foster project management skills amongst youngers.
Juanita, I am an adjunct assistant professor at Winona State University (MN). I teach only one class a year - Strategic Project Mgmt in the Graduate Nursing Program. I’d love to connect in the way you describe above.
Dear Juanita
Your idea is very interesting.
Have you tried consulting Project Management Journal® publications on the topics you consider most relevant?
An excellent and an innovative idea. The new generation needs project management in most of the courses. With the overload of courses and the variety of modes of course delivery, it has become cumbersome to the higher education educators. I teach undergraduate students at the University of North Florida and am interested in the "Think Tank" idea of yours. Let me know if you would like to talk to me more about it. All the best!

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