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New edition for PMP exam
I have finished my Prep with 6th edition and got the required PDU for the exam? Just saw there is a new 7th edition. Is all the previous effort pointless and i need relearn from the new book ?
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You better consult with the PMI website or contact them. They will let you know when the new exam will be/has been launched.
You do not need PDUs for the exam. PDUs are for maintaining your certificate.
You need 35 hours of PM education (+ ....) to be eligible for the exam.
No - the Sixth Edition is still one of the references for the exam. Over time, new questions will start be added based on Seventh Edition content but that will be a gradual process.

I agree with Kiron - The majority of the exam is still based on the 6th edition but the exam is 40% agile related as far as I heard from candidates who recently sat for the exam. Good Luck!

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