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Topics: Risk Management, Using PMI Standards
Has anyone dug into the latest risk management standard (Standard for Risk Management in Portfolios, Programs and Projects) - interested if people find it useful
It seems the standard has changed a bit since I last looked at it and I'd like to know what people think of the latest version
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The standard changed a bit, that’s correct but overall, it’s very useful and contains the most important topics, tools and techniques. I find it useful as was the previous edition too.

Stephen -

I did provide a lot of feedback during its creation. I do like some of the changes as far as programs & portfolios but found they dropped a lot of the project-level details which were in the previous practice guide.

As with any foundational document, it is written at a pretty high level.

For those who have experience in risk management, the main body of the document is a useful reference to identify gaps in an overall RM process.

The appendix sections are more useful as a practitioner in that sense. I don't think you will find anything groundbreaking in there, but it does provide more specifics on things to consider when tailoring a process to the project, portfolio, program, etc.
How to evaluate a risk?
Lots of changes. It can help though.
Thank you to all who responded

Helps me put it in context

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