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30-60-90 day goals to help in a new IT Project Manager position?
I recently retired from the military and earned my PMP certification. I am preparing to start my first IT Project Management job. What are a few recommended 30-60-90 day goals to help me get a good start in this position? I have a rough draft but want to make sure I am on the right track. Thanks in advance!
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Leonard -

A lot depends on the context of the projects you will be managing but in general, you should:

1. Get a good handle on "how things are done" in the company.
2. Start to build positive relationships with your sponsor, customer and other key stakeholders
3. Get a deep understanding of the underlying purpose behind the projects you are leading
4. Apply a disciplined, "fit for purpose" approach in leading the projects

5. Find out how your performance will be measured and use this information to set objectives for the next 30-60-90 days; review these with your manager and discuss how to best demonstrate achieving the objectives.
Thanks for the input!
Given the "IT" at the front of your title, you may need to make sure you are sufficiently versed in your employer's IT infrastructure, including processes. It's amazing how many operational IT processes you may need to deal with: change advisory boards, deployment checklists, ...
My two cents:
1. Use a project management software to assist you with managing project, especially if you're going to be engaging both internal and external stakeholders. Find out if your organisation has a software and become proficient at using it
2. Communicate, communicate, communicate. Follow the project communication plan and adjust when necessary, but ensure you provide accurate, sufficient and timely project updates.
3. Be flexible, the IT industry is quite dynamic and elements may change very frequently. Adapt to the change and pivot quickly.
4. Never be ashamed to say "I do not know" but always go find out
5. Never be afraid to ask for help

as you might know from military eduction, no plan survives the first contact with the enemy. The value lies in the planning process (when you look at many options and gather a lot of data), not the plan itself.

So it is important that you consider your situation and develop these steps by yourself and in the process obtain all the data you need to lie out the next 90 days.

To help you brainstorm,
- consider to meet key people, understand their problems and expectations (towards the company), start relationships, mingle. (stakeholder mgmt)
- understand culture and rules
- focus on a quick win with value to one key stakeholder
- understand why they (who?) hired you
- be visible after 90 days, build a first brand image of yourself
- show humility, exercise active listening,
- avoid preaching project management or the PMP
- get an outside mentor to better reflect what you experience

Thank you all all the great input. I have a fairly extensive list now. Sidoney, I especially like #5, "never be afraid to ask for help" and Thomas' "show humility." I've struggled to ask for help throughout my life but I've been humbled throughout my transition from the military. I'm grateful for the PMI community and the willingness to help.

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