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In which sector CAPM candidates are mostly wanted ?
I have completed CAPM with civil/construction background and looking for job as a project coordinator. During an informational interview, One project manager had told me that CAPM candidates are most wanted in IT industry only not in civil/construction. Is this true ?
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Raja -

I wouldn't generalize preference to a specific industry, but PMI credentials are certainly better recognized in some geographic locations.

However, it usually comes down to the level of awareness of the hiring manager or HR person. If they are familiar with PMI and understand the different credentials, then they would value a candidate with a CAPM higher than someone who had equivalent experience but no credential.

I've been in IT for 40 years and never once saw any job requirement for a CAPM. As Kiron alludes to, recruiters focus more on the experience and knowledge than on certifications, unless the certification is industry-specific..
I agree with Kiron.
I personally have not seen CAPM as a requirement for a position. However, it can be a plus for entry-level and junior positions.

I totally agree with Kiron. It’s very uncommon to hear this, at least these days as CAPM is generic and applies to all industries.

Thank you all.

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