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PMI Chapter conflict of interest? If a Sponsor is an Authorized Training Provider?
Thank you all for your replies. Following Thomas's wisdom:

The company (sponsor) is a Business management consultant and a Bronze sponsor. This means they pay our PMI Chapter ($1,500) for shared promotion on our Newsletters, Webpages and Presentations.
With this, our chapter awards grants to student members for PMI exam preparation classes, with this money.

I believe, a conflict of interest does exist from the relationship between PMI-Vancouver Island and our Sponsor. But, it may go ahead if the business case is stated in the documentation and online.

Following PMI's code of ethics and practiced actions. Which will be posted.

‘The Chapter can have sponsors and collect money or services from the sponsor, if:
- The sponsor may be aware of the dispersment of the funds and honorariums by the Chapter.
- The sponsor must be a separate Legal business entity and have zero influence on dissemination of these PMI-VI funds.’
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I think it is a conflict of interest, but

1. many Chapters have that situation
2. the sponsor might be an individual who signed up to PMI's code of ethics, the ATP will be a company, so strictly speaking they are not the same legal entity
3. our lives are full of conflicts of interest, always when we have commitments to 2 or more parties, it constitutes a conflict of loyalties.
4. there are provisions for handling conflicts of interest, like disclosing it, disclosing specific decision points that might be affected and - for example - withdrawing from such decisions.
5. if anyone is in doubt they can gather evidence and issue an ethical complaint

Allan -

Could you clarify what you mean by "Sponsor" in this context? What is the individual sponsoring? If it is a training offering for Chapter members, then absolutely. On the other hand, if they are contributing funding alongside other third-party companies to an event such as an annual symposium, then this doesn't feel like a conflict of interest so long as they are not given preferential treatment when training providers are being selected by the Chapter leadership.

I do agree with Kiron. It should be clarified. However, Thomas made a few valid points.
I answered on your other thread. Let's explore this a little more. Can the position of sponsor provide an unethical advantage to the ATP? Can the position of ATP provide an unethical advantage to the sponsor?

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