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How are lessons shared in your organization?
There are many different ways in which project learnings are shared between teams across a company.

But each option has its pros and cons, and some will be more effective than others in certain contexts.

I'd appreciate it if you could complete the following one week poll:

In case some other method is the primary one used, indicate that in the comments for this thread but DON'T answer the poll itself.
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Poll Done!
Poll Done - We use community of practice meetings.

Historical data, such as why decisions were made or who should get recognized for something, gets "archived" with project data for possible future reference, but is not kept indefinitely.

Actionable data depends. If immediate action is needed, it goes to those who need to need to take action (or decide not to, in some cases). If it is something that needs to be considered for future projects or project phase(s), it goes onto a checklist that gets reviewed at the beginning of each project and subsequent phases, as appropriate.

The checklist is periodically reviewed. If an item is no longer needed, it will be "removed" from the checklist. It will go onto a separate list for keeping track of what was removed, when, and why.
I've already shared my comments on the poll itself. I remember attending a Neal Whitten workshop where he suggested that a new project should include a meeting with other project managers to identify lessons learned that might be germane.
We use a variety of methods, but I would say the most common *within* the organization is updating templates. Communities of practice typically span multiple organizations. Within a single organization where we have our own tailored templates and the authority to change them, we can make quick efficient changes as frequently as we like. The broader the impact, the more people involved so those require a more CoP approach.

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