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what are good PM software for a mid size company?
We are looking for a good PM software that can help us in building our new PMO and also help in other PM tasks. There are a lot of options out in the world, any suggestions based on experience?
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MS Project
Oracle Primavera Project Management
I believe MSProjects is a very good software for Project Management and it caters to Mid Size Companies as much as it does for Large ones
I think you can use the office 365 suite and choose between microsoft to do or excel, maybe planner or project for the WEB are good options
What is "good" for someone may not be, for somebody else. Pick up something and give it a try. Figure out what you like, don't like, what you want, don't want. That will help you in choosing a "good" product.
Your expectations and requirements must be specified before estimating PM tools.
We just implemented a solution called Nifty for our department. We only have 49 staff members but support over 2600 employees and are responsible for all technology-related projects. It's inexpensive, has some really good integrations out of the box, and it's working out really well so far. I'll be happy to coordinate a demo with you if you'd like to see it.
It depends.
Generally, MS Project and Primavera.
It depends on the project management approach.
For example, for cascade projects, you can use MS Project.
For hybrid projects, a good option is Planview.
For agile/adaptative projects, Trello or Jira are the best choices.
Also, for agile approach, there is a newfangled project monitoring solution that combines agile with global indicators. Every team member can be included in a Trello dashboard, to update the state of his respective tasks. Then, the information is translated into a global indicators panel, that can be shared with management supervisors. To get more information about this solution, visit this site:
Also, contact them at [email protected]

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