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Looking for a flexible PM tool with Workload management
I am currently managing a project and would like to start using a project management tool to help keep track of what is going on.
I am looking for something that allows easy tracking of tasks as well as workload management for my team members. So that i know what can be done each week and plan accordingly.
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Smartsheet is a simple source for this.
I would say Primavera and MS-Project are better.
Laura -

Why not look at a pull-type work management solution such as Trello? If your team members are all co-located, go old school with a white board and sticky notes...

Kiron and Trello would be good options
Smartsheet and Trello are good tracking tools.
Kanban can work magic for project task management due to it's visual nature and ease. Check Teamhood which is free and more capable than Trello.
I like workfront
The issue with trying to manage the team's workload is that it often doesn't take into account the experience, skills and attitude of team members. I, personally, try to guide teams and their members into managing their own workload.

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