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Project Quality Control Plan for IT Projects
Does anyone have a detailed Project Quality Control Plan for IT projects they are willing to share with me?
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Michael -

There are lots and lots of flavors of IT projects, so it would help if you were a little more specific as the plan for developing a new software application is quite a bit different from that to upgrade some existing computer hardware.


have seen many and they did not follow a template. It is very specific to the project or better the product and its quality specifications, like SAP rollout, space exploration software, just an app, infrastructure and so on. I have seen it as a component of the quality management plan.

What I would expect to see is any testing of SW, from module to integration test, performance, stress or vulnerability tests, test procedures and tools (automatic testing). If you have coding specifications, these should be checked, document reviews done, and requirements consistency could be tested.

You should be looking at preparing a quality management plan, not just quality control. Verifying quality after production is always more expensive than improving quality before production.
All, I reviewed a number of other projects across several different complexities to put together a relatively generalized template which incudes general Quality Control information. I appreciate your help.
My recommendation is going to IEEE standards because you will find, inside the standard itself, examples and different formats.

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