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Getting into Project Management
Hi, I'm an IT Consultant and looking to get into PM. In terms of getting certified is the PMI-ACP a better option in compariaon to what was (formerly I think) considered the standard of PRince2 ? Thanks
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I assume you are talking about PRINCE2 Agile. Well, they are a bit different as PRINCE2 is all about work in controlled environment and I find that it is most in demand in UK and European countries.

The PMI-ACP is more broad and give you an overview of Agile, frameworks and many other aspects. If I were to chose, I will start with PMI-ACP.

I agree with Rami. You better look at your local market.
After offering me a PM opportunity, the employer asked if I had an Agile certification. At the time, I said no but I had PM certifications, which is what he was hiring me for. I got the job then later got my ACP.

The point of my story? If you're trying to become a project manager, worry about your project management skills and certifications first. An ACP does not make you a project manager.
I agree with the responses above responses. Consider your target market and do a quick job search website survey on which certifications are required or preferred.

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