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PowerPoint Project Charter
Has anyone used PowerPoint to present a project charter to executives?
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Cheryl -

Definitely - both in terms of a traditional, predictive-type project where key elements of the MS Word-based charter were included in the PPT deck to support the presentation, and adaptive projects where a project vision board was created as a PPT slide and served as a charter.

Cheryl, We normally use PowerPoint as well.
Be careful that your PowerPoint doesn't replace you, the presenter. It's easy to put too much in the presentation. Remember your audience: they don't need details, they need decision-making information. As the presenter, make sure you are telling them a story, not simply sharing information.
We use powerpoint for project kickoff. The project kickoff is a brief about project charter components. We usually presenta what/how/when/who/how much it cost adding assumptions and restrictions.
Cheryl, yes.

The Charter and other documents are often used as input to a kickoff presentation to show what the project is about.

Given that the Charter represents the governance decision to start a project and assign a project manager I tend to keep a fixed document, signed and never changed. And I tend to keep it short. Most content is being progressively elaborated during the course of the project and changes (think schedule, scope, budget, stakeholders, team roaster, risk etc).

I agree with Sergio and Thomas. PowerPoint is useful for Project Kickoff, to present certain sections and information of the Project Charter.
We represent the Project charter in PowerPoint. The Project charter is used as input to a Project kick-off meetings

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