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What project management software do you work in?
Looking at different software options and would really like to know what those in the industry use. Would you recommend it for a medium sized department? Does it meet your needs?
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For cascade approach: Microsoft Project, Planview
For agile approach: Trello,, Jira
For hybrid approach: Planview

Also, for agile approach, there is a newfangled project monitoring solution that combines agile with global indicators. Every team member can be included in a Trello dashboard, to update the state of his respective tasks. Then, the information is translated into a global indicators panel, that can be shared with management supervisors. To get more information about this solution, visit this site:
Also, contact them at [email protected]
Currently using ClickUp. Like all software, it has its limitations, but it does what I need it to do.

Our IT team is small, but the Product and Marketing teams are also using it for their work outside of projects.
I've been using Microsoft Project (MSP) since 2008. First for building small projects and using it as training wheels for a few of the smaller projects. Now i use it as rails to ensure I didn't forget anything on the telecommunications installation and implementation journeys. It's pretty simple and has the ability to help you outline and remember your organization's internal processes. I promise I was not going to say administrivia.
Whatever is available to me: Excel, Project, Trello, Teams, ...
Primavera helps for the best performance in waterfall or hybrid +
Excell for analysis
Or klickup for agile

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