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Best project management tool for business - goal to track updates with a template that has associated time to complete task then have a start date that would then populate and cascade the project pla
Improve project plan and and automate work flow dependencies triggered with the estimated start date - automate cascading dates for tasks.
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The question is unclear. Are you looking for PM software?
Microsoft Project Software has all of these features, you can define the start and end dates of tasks, organize them in a cascade manner, and have an EVM table where you'll appreciate ETC, PV, EV, BAC, and other variables that give a project status insight. Also, you can add an S-Curve add-in, which facilitates acquiring the EVM data and converting it into an S-Curve diagram.
We are using Microsoft Azure DevOps to do that and support the implementation of SAFe. We are using it for software and non software products.

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