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College prof teaching from PMBOK 6 instead of 7, what do I do?
I am working on a PM certificate in college. This semester one of the professors is teaching using PMBOK 6, and an older edition of another textbook on the specific subject (procurement) that is based on PMBOK 6, but which is very hard to get because it is an older edition out of print, and there is NO digital version!

I am wondering why they are still teaching with PMBOK 6? Shouldn't they be preparing us for a world of PM under PMBOK 7?

Should I get the older editions of the text book, or should I be asking the college to update the course to PMBOK 7?
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If you are a current member of PMI, you can download the 6th edition in the Standards & Publications tab at It's password protected.
The PMI exams is based on both versions of the PMBOK with more weight on the 6th edition for now. Both guides are important for project managers.

yes, you should get a PMBoK ed6 copy and yes, you should ask the professor to update their course. Which they probably cannot.

I taught PMP prep since 2000 over several PMBoK guide editions and now quit doing so with ed7.

For students I recommend to follow PMI and attend approved courses using PMI provided materials only (ATP).
If you are teaching in a college then do not follow a guide from an Organization.
What is taught in college?

A PMP certification preparation course?

A course that allows students to acquire skills in project management?

There is much more to life than the PMI proposals when it comes to project management
The Sixth and Seventh editions are complementary, and as the Sixth delves into much more detail on the process framework, that might be relevant to the syllabus of the course.


you can find a digital version of PMBoK Guide ed6 in

Though it is not in one document.
Here is a Q&A about the new PMBOK that might answer some of your questions/concerns. Here are what I perceive to be the most relevant portions to your questions but I'd read the Q&A so you can understand more.

2. What do I need to know about the new structure of the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition?
Overall, the goal with the next edition of the PMBOK® Guide is to make the content more userfriendly and relevant to project managers using predictive, hybrid and adaptive, or agile,
approaches. Based on the draft in development:
The next edition will put the focus on project outcomes in addition to deliverables.
There will also be an entire section dedicated to the topic of tailoring.
The Process Groups and ITTOs will be referenced throughout the next edition but are no longer fully included in the publication – we will continue to make them available through digital offerings, like PMIstandards+TM.

4. Can I still use Process Groups and Knowledge Areas?
Yes. In fact, the Process Groups is one of the models in the Models, Methods, and Artifacts
section of the draft guide. The concepts from the Knowledge Areas will be seen in multiple
project performance domains.

11. Does the pending release of the PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition mean that content from
prior editions is no longer valid?
The good news is that key learnings and concepts from the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition
remain valid and are referenced in sections of the draft guide.
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