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Topics: Lessons Learned, Scope Management, Strategy
seeking (non-nuclear) Equipment Decommissioning, Surplus Sell-off, Disposal planning methodogy
A pre-disposition / pre-divestment planning phase is kicking off.
This not a new situation in asset management, and life cycle material management. I would like to leverage Lessons Learned, Scope Adaption, and re-use Strategy.

In order to avoid reinventing the wheel in transitioning
from an Operation and Maintenance In-Service Support Contract model,
to contractually retaining equipment Subject Matter Experts who can identify and assist with cataloguing equipment slated for decommissioning.
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What is your question? Or are you recruiting?
What are you specifically looking for?
I see Peter's point. The title implies that you are "seeking [...] planning methodology". Your post states you want to "leverage Lessons learned, Scope Adapation, and re-use Strategy" as well as "retaining equipment Subject Matter Experts". That's pretty broad. You may get more discussion if you broke it down into specific questions.

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