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Recommendations for courses in Negotiation
I am working towards becoming an Program Manager with my corporation. Many executives have suggested the one area I lack at the moment is in negotiating so I am looking to improve in that area. Any suggestions on courses would be truly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!
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working for IBM; I attended a good negotiation class by Huthwaite some years ago.

More than negotiation, no matter I have the opportunity to attend to Harvard courses in the matter with people like William Ury, what helps me a lot were sales method related courses like Solution Selling, LAMP, Power Base Selling. I am not a seller but I was involved because I was in charge of pre sales.
Cynthia -

I'd suggest starting with two of the better known books on the subject: "Getting to Yes" and "Getting Past No".

Then, you might look into a principle-based negotiation course such as the ones offered by these guys which I took a long time ago:

And, if you have a good mentor, you might do some mock negotiations on a variety of issues with them.

I recently completed the INSEAD Financial Analysis for Non-Financial Managers program (a 10-week course). I was satisfied with the structure and content of the training.

Here is the link to the INSEAD courses in negotiation:
This negotiation course from Udemy maybe of your interest:

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