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Anyone ever completed a Lift and Shift - Hyperion DRM to Informatica MDM? What advice can you give me? What are some redness steps I should take?
Currently on an old Hyperion DRM system which is hosted on prem in our data center. The plan is to "lift and shift" a few Hierarchies from DRM into a new cloud solution ( Informatica's MDM solution).

Can anyone share project plan steps? Obviously, I know every data migration project is different. However, If any of you could share a template and/or steps that would be very helpful. Also, you if have a previous "lift and shift" plan you have used, that would be helpful as well. That would give me a good foundation to start.

Any resource or books you can share about this specific topic of MDM solutions and data migrations, that would be even better.
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Expect to put in a lot of time into data quality. Most migration projects require multiple passes to identify and rectifiy data quality problems before it can be migrated. It will feel like the movie Groundhog Day, but stick with it. Once you have achieved an agreed upon level of quality, you can then start working on migrating the data. Make sure that any remaining data quality exceptions are handled one way or another in the migration.

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