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recruitment assessment
How do you assess candidates for Programme Manager roles? Are there any assessments or tests that have worked well?
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I wouldn’t say there is a certain test or standard form of interview but in a role like Program Manager, most employers concentrate on Soft Skills including leadership more than technical skills. Don’t get me wrong, technical skills are important but soft skills play a bigger role s]as you go up the ladder.
In my case I talked with her/him about situations which are the same situations we live today in the workplace. The idea is to understand if the way of working is in line with our way of working.
Mandi -

I'd start by getting feedback from sponsors, key stakeholders and the PMs they worked with as that will tell you if they are able to effectively balance their style between being too hands off or too much of a micro-manager.

I would try to get to know this person a little more closely from a professional perspective

As suggested, with the sponsors you worked with, get their opinion

In this paper you will find a competency framework in the appendix.
A program manager must be strategic and must combine projects/portfolio to get better organizational benefits and business value. Hard skills, soft skills and behavioral skills are important and to be assessed.

Difference between a project and program manager.
Though the names sound familiar, project managers and program managers have vastly different jobs. Project managers handle and oversee the day-to-day execution of a project, while program managers provide strategic guidance to ensure that every project contributes to the company’s bigger goals.

What to listen or look for:

Listen for an interviewee who emphasizes the importance of communication, collaboration, and multitasking—three major tenets of program management.
Big-picture thinking, plus a high-level understanding of program management and operations.

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