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Project Example for Project Management Training.
I am looking for a simple IT Project Description (a couple of pages) which I can give my trainees and based on which we can work out things like, WBS, schedule, risks, governance, etc. Can you help me please with such a simple project description?
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IT field is wide, and project description varies significantly according to the type of product/technology you are developing. ¿Can you specify in which IT field are you working?
Frank -

Why not pick a very basic use case such as upgrading a standalone application on a server? Another option might be replacing an outdated external web site with a more modern-looking, better user experience-oriented one.

If the trainees are working in your organization, I would look for types of projects relevant to your current assignments so that the learning can be focused in a directly applicable way. That includes not just the product deliverables, but the methods and tools used in your own environment.

If the trainees are learning general theory that can be broadly applied, I would try to make it fun to improve student engagement. Perhaps come up with a couple of choices that might involve both hardware and software. I would probably focus on broadly recognizable subjects like games, social media, streaming media portals, and online sales portals. Internet of Things topics are limited only by imagination.

Encourage the students to create their own brand tailored to their interests. Instead of just developing a generic game, make the game involve something they enjoy. Also remember you are demonstrating theory, not delivering a product so don't worry too much about technical feasibility.

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