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Project Health Check / Project Audit
Laszlo Kremmer Member of PMI Board Volunteer Advisory Committee (BVAC)| PMI - Project Management Institute Budapest, Hungary, Hungary
I am looking for Project, Program, Portfolio or PMO Manager, or Project Process Quality Assurance professionals who perform Project Health Check audits. What I am mainly interested in is 1. Minimum expectations 2. Best practices 3. Best-in-class project health check methods for technology (SW development - Waterfall/Agile/Iterative - and system implementation, development) and non-technology projects. I am a member of a Project Audit / Health Check SME Team. Based on our internal Project Management Standards, PM Policy, and PM Procedure Documents our team built a strong Project Health Check Process Framework. What I am looking for is books, whitepapers, blueprints, templates, articles, sample cases, groups of Project Health Check professionals, discussion forums, etc., or any advice on how I could learn more about the Project Health Check topic and further develop our Project Health Check Framework.
Robert Witvliet Managing Partner| WIAR Project Management BV Rotterdam, Netherlands
Hello Laszlo, I am preparing for quality management certification ISO 9001 and the available auditing techniques from this field are beneficial for me to look at our PMO from the outside in. Maybe this may also help you enhance your Project Health Check Process.

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